This snake trap was designed by and used by a professional wildlife and snake removal expert in the state of Florida. In five years of testing and re-design, this trap has safely caught and removed hundreds of snakes. Now it's available to the public! Guaranteed the most effective and fairest-priced trap available.

Photographs of Florida Snakes

Below are some photographs of various snakes that I've caught in Florida over the years, many of them with my Snake Trap (I released them for photographs). Click any image below for a larger photo:

Diamondback Rattlesnake

Water Moccassin

Eastern Coral Snake

Pygmy Rattlesnake

Florida Black Racer

Yellow Rat Snake

Corn Snake / Red Rat Snake

Blue Phase Garter Snake

Juvenile Black Racer

Juvenile Red Rat Snake

Banded Water Snake


Florida Scarlet Snake

Pine Woods Snake

Brown Water Snake

Florida Ringneck Snake

Eastern Hognose Snake

Florida Brown Snake

Mud Snake

Garter Snake

Florida Brown Snake

Glass Lizard is a legless lizard

Burmese Python (not native)

Boa Constrictor (not native)

Closeup - Black Racer

Closeup - Corn Snake

Closeup - Garter Snake

Closeup - Yellow Rat Snake

Closeup - Eastern Coral Snake

Closeup - Florida Scarlet Snake

Closeup - Pueblan Milk Snake

Closeup - Brown Water Snake

Closeup - Juvenile Black Racer

Closeup - Juvenile Corn Snake

Closeup - Coachwhip

Closeup - Banded Water Snake

Baby Black Racer

Eastern Coral Snake


Eastern Diamondback

Juvenile Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth Closeup

Hognose Snake

Florida Ringneck
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