This snake trap was designed by and used by a professional wildlife and snake removal expert in the state of Florida. In five years of testing and re-design, this trap has safely caught and removed hundreds of snakes. Now it's available to the public! Guaranteed the most effective and fairest-priced trap available.


Thanks for visiting my website and Snake Trap online store! If you came in search of a snake trap, great! You can read about my trap below, and order safely online (we never even see your payment info) and receive a safe and effective snake trap within a few days. If you found this site in search of a snake repellent, I am here to educate. I have been a wildlife trapper for six years now, and been to several hundred snake jobs. I have tried every snake repellant available for sale - flakes, powders, sprays, noisemakers, and I know for a fact that none of them work whatsoever. That is why I developed a snake trap - you can't keep snakes from slithering onto your property. But you can safely trap and remove them - and you'll know, that unlike repellents - IT WORKS.

  • Trap is made of durable corrugated plastic and withstands any weather.
  • Trap features a special internal design that traps and holds snakes.
  • Powerful scent attract-dots lure snakes into the trap.
  • Trap is re-usable and can catch multiple snakes at a time.
  • Safe, easy to use, and works 24/7/365.
  • Works indoors & outside, on large & small snakes.
Click the above button to purchase the snake trap. You will be routed to the checkout, where you can pay via credit card, or Paypal account if you have one. The shipping fee is $4.95 per trap, and each additional trap ships free. Some people purchase multiple traps because they see multiple snakes on the property, and want the maximum protection. Traps ship next-day from Seattle WA, and arrive via USPS Priority mail within 3 days. International orders pay higher shipping fee, added in cart.

The snake is lured into the trap by the powerful scent attract dots inside the trap, located directly above the snake adhesive. The snake enters the trap, and becomes quickly ensnared on the biosafe snake adhesive inside the trap. It is then completely immobilized - it cannot move, and it cannot strike. You can then safely handle the trap, and bring it to a relocation point far from your house, spray or pour some cooking oil on the snake, stand back, and it will work itself free within a minute or two. Once it slithers off, retrieve the trap, rinse it off, and use it again! If you wish to kill the snake, the trap comes with an internal snake-kill design (further instructions included with the trap instruction sheet). However, we respect and value snakes, and request that you do relocate the snakes you catch with our trap - it's easy and fun, and you'll be glad you did. Plus, if you kill the snake with the trap kill design feature, you won't be able to use the trap again.

The trap comes with a detailed instruction sheet, including setting tips, methods of snake identification, more info on what to do with the snake once you caught it, and more. You can always call or email with any questions that you have.

How do you get rid of snakes? People think that getting rid of snakes is a difficult task, but it is far easier than eliminating any other nuisance animal. Snakes will move on if the area they are frequenting suddenly becomes unappealing. For this reason, rearranging your lawn and gardens is a must. First, you have to mow your yard. You cannot let your grass grow too long or snakes will be drawn to the breeding insects within the grass. Regular mowing keeps the blades short enough to expose any snakes to predators, and this is not something the snake will be comfortable with. A serpent can still hover near your home if gardens are overgrown and unattended. Do not have ground cover or thick vegetation near your home. A building’s foundation is prone to cracks, and gardens serve to conceal nuisance animals working at the damaged areas of the home. A snake will not create damage or increase it significantly, but it will use the area to create a den. A snake that is living in the home’s foundation can be trickier to remove. Read som Florida Black Racer Snake Information.

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